Introducing the Hevea Cup & Wellness Expo 2023: Uniting Communities for Lasting Change

We are thrilled to announce the much-awaited Hevea Cup & Wellness Expo (HC&WE) for 2023, an extraordinary event that transcends boundaries and brings together sport, health education, and community engagement to drive positive change. Mark your calendars for November 10th and 11th, as we gather at the prestigious National Football Stadium (NFS) in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, for two days of inspiration and transformation.

This year’s HC&WE promises to be even more exciting and impactful. We have secured two football fields to accommodate a total of 28 teams, playing passionately and competing for a higher purpose over the course of two days. The event will showcase top-level sportsmanship and deliver a powerful message of unity and community spirit.

To register your team for this life-changing experience, simply pay K5,000, and your team will receive an exclusive package of benefits. The registration fee includes an incredible 18-set jersey kit, complete with shorts, jersey, and socks for your entire team. With this, your players will be ready to shine on the field and stand united as ambassadors for positive change.

As part of the registration package, your team will also have the opportunity to participate in a skills workshop hosted by the renowned David Westley. This workshop will offer valuable insights and training from a seasoned professional, empowering your players with enhanced skills and techniques.

At the heart of the Hevea Cup & Wellness Expo is our commitment to health and well-being. That’s why your team will have access to comprehensive health testing and screenings, ensuring the safety and readiness of each player to take on the challenges of the tournament.

But the benefits don’t end there. Your registration grants your team free entry to the Hevea Cup & Wellness Expo for the entire duration of the event. Immerse yourselves in a wealth of knowledge and inspiration, exploring the diverse range of wellness programs, health education initiatives, and community engagement activities.

Teams: Register your team to play and participate in this extraordinary event, please email David at We look forward to welcoming your team to the Hevea Cup & Wellness Expo 2023.

Health Partners: If you represent a health organization and would like to exhibit at the Hevea Cup & Wellness Expo, we welcome you to join us. To register your organization for a booth, simply email The exhibition fee is K300 per organization.

Business Sponsorship: We invite businesses to be part of this meaningful event by becoming sponsors and having a stall for the two-day event. Sponsorship packages start from K10,000. For more information and to secure your stall, please reach out to David at

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our sponsors, partners, and supporters who have made the Hevea Cup & Wellness Expo possible. Together, we can continue to be a beacon of hope, transformation, and empowerment in Papua New Guinea.

Join us on November 10th and 11th and be a part of an extraordinary movement that is making a difference where it matters most—within the hearts and minds of our communities. Together, we can create a brighter and healthier future for Papua New Guinea.

For more information and updates, stay tuned to our website and official social media channels. Let’s come together for the Hevea Cup & Wellness Expo 2023 and be the driving force of positive change in our beloved nation.

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Hevea Cup & Wellness Expo 2020
“Like sports, art in Papua New Guinea is a powerful way to deliver key messages that go beyond ​language, age, gender, race and religion, ​touching on one of our most diverse cultural offerings.”
- Ryan Pini, MBE, OL 4 x PNG Olympic Swimmer

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